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Bagheera working in the North of Norway

This is Bagheera working in the North of Norway, Floro, at a marina project for Boskalis.

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Running building materials into North Ronaldsay for erecting a radio mast

This job is still to be undertaken.

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The Bagheera in Orkney

The Bagheera was hired down to Orkney to do some work for Scottish Seafarms and has been there for 6 weeks. They have removed and repalced salmon farm grid systems, laying anchors and towing cages.

Koada at The Voder

Meanwhile the Koada worked with Merriman firm from Orkney undertaking repairs at the Koada in Lerwick Harbour. The Voder Rock was having a new light fitted.

The Bagheera - Burghead

The Bagheera completed a job at RAF Kinloss. They laid 17 tonne off 800mm plastic pipe in Kinloss Bay for GSS Plant and AMEC.

Hjaltland Seafarms Ltd

Meanwhile back home in Shetland Hjaltland Seafarms had taken delivery of two new feed barge that had been made for them in Estonia. When the Bagheera got back they went straight to work mooring the barge with 3 ton anchors.

KAn Environmentally Green Job

The Bagheera lifting a container at Sullom Voe and placing it in position to hold booms ready for discharging incase of an oil spill.

Bagheera towing and mooring barge for Tulloch Developments

Pulling a barge off the slipway at Sullom Voe and taking to anchor position at Collafirth for Tulloch Developments.